Special parts, specially manufactured parts, tailored to your needs

At JIOrings, we also manufacture special parts, bespoke parts made to measure according to a plan or based on a mould or prototype. We can manufacture special components in large or small series, from different elastomers (such as blends that are homologated for water, gas, fire, food, etc.) They are parts which have specific properties such as their hardness, softness, elasticity, and strength, which can be adapted to the most testing situations, whether of temperature or climate, and which can meet the specific demands of each client.

We choose rubber as the material of manufacture for special components because there are many advantages. It is a very practical material which adapts to movement, tolerances, hardness or temperature changes. It is an electrical insulator, conductor or anti-static. It is resistant to fire, chemical agents, and to oils. It resists fire and can be self-extinguishing, among many other things.

For our special components manufactured in elastomers, we also have complete reports with their properties and standardisations, as well as their surface treatments.

In the event that you need a special part, do not hesitate to contact JIOrings so that we can look at your requirements in more detail and thus get the manufacturing process started:

Special parts, examples of manufactured parts

Pieza especial CollarFPM 70 SH A Green
  • Resistant to oil.e
  • Highly-resistant to temperature.
Pumping equipment.
Pieza fabricación especialFuse holder attachmentVMQ 35 SH A Dielectric Red RAL-2001
  • Temperature limits for insulating mateirals CEI-694.
  • Residual deflection: a 30% compression (5mm), for 70 hours, at a temperature of 100 ºC, will be less than 10%.
  • No semiconductor materials are allowed in the part.
A special mixture developed for fuse holders with special insulating features, low residual deflection, and with personalised hardness and colour.
Quad-Ring especialQuad-RingEPDM 80 SH A Peroxide Black (4442-N69) for potable water
  • ASTMSPEC: ASTM D2000 M2DA 810 A26 B36 EA14 F19.
  • NSF/ANSI STANDARD 61 Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects.
Included in assembly of pressurised tanks for the treatment of potable water.
Pieza fabricación especialCapNeopreno 50 SH A Black
  • An elastic material which is flame-retardant in contact with SF6 gas.
  • Tolerance according to ISO8015.
Dust caps for compact gas cells.
Pieza especial sección tóricaO-RingEPDM 65 SH A
  • Contact materials Stainless steel, SF6 gas, and epoxy.
  • Residual deflection, after 70 hrs at 125 ºC, and a compression of 25% ≤ 15%.
  • Temperature shrink ≤ -40 ºC. Operating life = 30 years.
  • Degree of compression = 30%.
O-ring with a rectangular perimeter for pressure relief in gas cells.
Corazón fabricación especialShaped sealNBR 70 SH A Black
  • General tolerance according to UNE 22768-1 Medium Degree.
Sealing parts with a toroid cross-section for fluid control units which measure the oil that is being dispensed at each service point in an automobile repair shop.