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JIOrings, the quickest way to find a seal

JIOrings was born in 2004 as the consequence of the efforts of three friends who pushed hard to make their dream come true: Jean-Albert, Iñigo and Oscar. That’s where the name came from: the sum of the shareholders initials and O-Rings.

JIOrings Empresa
  • 30,000,000 O-Rings
  • 1,000,000 X-Rings
  • 225,000 Back-Up Rings (BUR)
  • 200,000 V-Rings
  • 70,000 Bonded Seals
  • 40,000 Rotary Shaft Seals
  • 40,000 U-Rings
  • 25,000 Wiper Seals
  • 6,000 Axial Seals or Gamma seals
  • 1,650 Spools of Cord-Ring (Viton® original FDA and Xiametre® original FDA)
Why are we the quickest way to find a seal?
  • Quotations in less than an hour for any available item.
  • Despatch the same day.
  • 5 stars products (O-rings, X-rings, Cord-Rings, V-rings, Axial seals, PU U-Rings).
  • Online store open 24/7.
  • Moulded O-Rings of great diametres without any tooling charges.
  • Special productions of O-rings from €80,00.

We supply a very wide range of sealing parts to companies in different sectors and countries. We are the quickest way to find a seal.

We harmonize our personal life with work, with the aim to be socially reliable to our employees and our environment.

We strive to be a profitable company, able to reward our shareholders.

JIOrings is a company dedicated to the storage and distribution of sealing parts, whose aim is to achieve personal and professional goals for its shareholders, employees and environment.

JIOrings strives to keep growing constantly, with the aim to reward its shareholders as a counterpart of their personal and economical efforts from the very first start of the activity. JIOrings feels reliable to its social environment and concerned by the environmental sustainability. Consequently, we want to allocate some of the profits to the issue of a “white book” regarding Corporate Social Responsibility:

  • By improving working conditions and wages and providing flexible working hours.
  • By taking actions in favour of the environment respect.
  • By joining projects of NGOs.

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