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The quickest way to find a seal

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Cord-Ring Spools

Cord-ring spools, versatility and quality assured

Mar 26, 2018 Category: Products 0 comments

Cord-ring spools, the best choice What is a cord-ring? Cord-ring is an extruded profile of calibrated circular section that is manufactured in the most common O-ring thicknesses. At JIOrings, we have cord-ring spools in stock ranging from 1 mm to 30 mm in bull rope diameter, in different lengths (spools of 5, 10, 25, 50, […]


JIOrings, a real asset

Oct 18, 2017 Category: Products 0 comments

The importance of approvals Day after day the O-rings have to meet more and more requirements in matters of environment and security. By the same token, public organizations impose more and more rigorous and restrictive requirements on materials or compounds that form the seals which are aimed to get in contact with water, gas, food […]

Back-Up Rings (BUR)

The back-up rings (BUR) and the O-Rings, the perfect tandem

Oct 02, 2017 Category: Products 0 comments

Back-up rings + O-Rings = 100% compatible Some time ago we spoke about the O-Rings and how good they were when a risk of extrusion from the housing could exist. The O-Rings create the seal effect pressing against the housing parts that hold it, but the capacity of the ensemble depends basically on these three […]

Aseptic seals and their high hygienic and asepsis level

Apr 07, 2017 Category: Products 0 comments

Aseptic seals are mainly used in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries Without any doubt, the main seal is the O-ring, the most known, worldwide used and, many other times, the seal JIOrings identifies itself with. Nevertheless, when it comes to chemical or pharmaceutical applications, aseptic seals provide tightness to the flange and the tube fitting […]

O-rings for gas

The wrong election of a seal could have terrible consequences

Mar 27, 2017 Category: Products 0 comments

If there is any gas, choose RGD, ED Resistant or AED seals The O-ring, the most universal seal, is the most used seal in fluid-tights because of its excellent effectiveness-cost relationship. Simple as it may be, it can also be manufactured in many different materials and it has a wide range of uses. When it […]

Wipers, seals preventing the entry of dirt

Mar 07, 2017 Category: Products 0 comments

Metal-cased wipers, worldwide known as “wiper seals” Wiper seals maintain sealing contact to the piston rod when the equipment is stationary (static, no reciprocating motion of rod) and in use (dynamic, reciprocating rod). Without a wiper seal, the retracting piston rod could transport contaminants into the cylinder, and that would be disastrous. If outsider contaminants […]


Now more and better cord-ring

Dec 22, 2016 Category: Products 0 comments

Throughout the year, more and more customers have been requesting spools of silicone cord-ring and as at JIOrings we love to satisfy your desires, we have decided to take the plunge… and in a big way! Not only do we now have a large stock of spools manufactured in Xiametre® of the prestigious Dow Corning […]


Washers, without mould cost, without minimum order

Sep 27, 2016 Category: Products 0 comments

Washers, square- or rectangular-section rings We are going to dedicate this post to washers. Until now, we have been focusing on raising awareness of our different lines of seals month by month. We started this series of “one month, one seal” with the most common one of all, the o-ring. But we have also written […]

Encapsulated O-ring

Encapsulated O-rings, the solution for harsh environments

Aug 16, 2016 Category: Products 0 comments

The encapsulated O-rings, the seals with an encapsulation that sets it apart We have decided to give the encapsulated O-rings the importance they have always deserved, creating a specific area with its technical data sheet, 3D photos of the part both whole and in section, and a video of it in movement. The encapsulated O-ring […]

HP Rotary Shaft Seals

HP Rotary Shaft Seals, the all terrain seals

Aug 05, 2016 Category: Products 0 comments

HP Rotary Shaft Seals, the secret is in the housing We are continuing our “one month, one seal” initiative. In previous posts we talked about the universal nature of O-rings, cord-ring and its tailor-made cut, quad-rings and their four support points… However, there is still much to say in relation to seals, and this time […]