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The quickest way to find a seal

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RESUMEN 2019 JIOrings

What´s on the way…

Dec 19, 2019 Category: JIOrings 0 comments

To the JIOrings warehouse – We continue to expand our stock We started the year with a stock of more than 40 million O-rings, almost 1 million quad-rings, 200,000 V-rings, 175,000 anti-extrusion rings (BUR), 125,000 bonded seals, 60,000 U-rings, 40,000 rotary shaft seals, 20,000 wiper seals, 23,000 axial seals, 2,150 spools of cord-ring … And […]


Another year ends

Dec 26, 2018 Category: JIOrings 0 comments

What 2018 has brought us Sharing the year’s summary with you is becoming a great habit. We love to tell of the most important milestones from the last 12 months, share the great moments and all those actions that have a positive effect on you, the customers. Quality as a synonym of trust This year, […]

Rotary Shaft Seals

Rotary Shaft Seals, the best gaskets for high speed movement

Sep 23, 2018 Category: JIOrings 0 comments

They keep dirt, dust, water and other particles out, whilst retaining lubricant in the rotary shaft components The rotary shaft seals, belonging to the rotating gasket family, are also known as oil seals. Their main function is to close spaces between stationary and mobile components in mechanical equipment. They are used to prevent the escape […]