Puzzle gaskets, ideal for systems with restricted access

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Puzzle gaskets, ideal for systems with restricted access

What are puzzle gaskets?

Puzzle gaskets, also known as segmental gaskets or sector assembly gaskets, are designed to facilitate assembly and maintenance in applications where a complete gasket would be difficult or impossible to install. These gaskets are manufactured in segments that fit together like pieces of a puzzle, allowing for section-by-section installation, hence the name.

The advantages of this type of gasket are key when deciding to manufacture them:

  • Ease of transport and storage: More manageable than a complete gasket.
  • Reduction of installation errors: Smaller segments are easier to fit.
  • Adaptability: Provide effective sealing on irregular surfaces.

When to manufacture a puzzle or sector gasket?

The decision to manufacture this type of gasket is generally made based on several factors related to installation, maintenance, accessibility, and the characteristics of the equipment where it will be used. Here are some key considerations:

Accessibility and limited space
When the equipment or system has restricted access or it is physically impossible to install a one-piece gasket due to its size or location.

Application example: Piping systems in industrial plants, especially in refineries, chemical plants, and petrochemical plants, where piping is extensive and access is complicated.

Dimensions and/or equipment design
In applications with large components (such as large heat exchangers, large valves, or pipes), where a complete gasket would be too large and difficult to handle, or when the equipment design includes elements that make it difficult to install complete gaskets, such as pipes and components that impede the handling of a one-piece gasket.

Application example: Large heat exchangers where completely disassembling a gasket for maintenance would be very laborious and costly.

Ease of installation and maintenance
In situations where quick and easy installation is needed, or where frequent maintenance is anticipated, requiring the gasket to be disassembled and reassembled regularly.

Application example: Large valves and pumps where reliable sealing is needed and easy replacement without disassembling large parts of the system is required.

Minimizing downtime
When it is crucial to minimize equipment downtime. Puzzle gaskets allow for quick and easy replacement, helping to maintain system operability.

Application example: Industrial process equipment that requires continuous sealing and must minimize downtime for maintenance.

At JIOrings we manufacture puzzle gaskets

Puzzle gaskets are an efficient solution for complex industrial applications, facilitating installation and maintenance, and reducing costs. At JIOrings, we are here to advise and guide you through the entire process, ensuring that you find the perfect sealing solution for your needs.

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