Ensure sealing in your cylinders

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Ensure sealing in your cylinders

The role of seals in cylinders

O-rings are extremely versatile sealing elements used in a wide variety of applications thanks to their simple and effective design. In the field of industrial machinery, these seals are essential for preventing leaks of oil and other fluids in heavy equipment, including pumps, valves, and hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders.

However, there are many other types of seals besides O-rings, especially in cylinders, where a wide variety of seals can be found.

What are hydraulic cylinders?

Hydraulic cylinders are essential components in various machinery and equipment systems, where considerable force is required to move or lift loads. These cylinders convert the energy of pressurized hydraulic fluid into mechanical energy. They operate under the basic principle of fluid mechanics: a piston inside a cylinder performs a linear movement due to the pressure of the fluid.

What types of seals can we find in hydraulic cylinders?

In a hydraulic cylinder, sealing gaskets are crucial for preventing fluid leaks and ensuring that the system operates efficiently under high pressures. The most common seals in hydraulic cylinders, besides O-rings, include:

  • Piston Seals: Installed on the cylinder's piston to prevent the fluid from flowing through it as it moves within the cylinder. Piston seals can be double-acting, functioning in both directions, or single-acting, designed for a preferred direction of pressure.
  • Rod Seals: These seals prevent fluid from escaping the cylinder through the gap between the piston rod and the cylinder wall. They are essential for maintaining pressure within the cylinder and preventing contamination of the hydraulic system.
  • Wipers: Wipers have a dual function; they prevent the entry of external foreign bodies and clean the surface of the rod from particles and dirt to prevent damage and contamination of the rod seal.
  • Guide rings: They help support the radial load and control the correct sliding of the piston and rod within the cylinder, minimizing wear and friction.

Each seal in a hydraulic cylinder has a specific function, but all work together to ensure optimal performance and efficiency, protecting it from leaks and contamination. You can find all these seals in stock at JIOrings.

What are pneumatic cylinders?

Pneumatic cylinders are mechanical devices that use compressed air to produce linear or rotary motion. Like hydraulic cylinders, they convert the energy of a pressurized fluid (in this case, air) into mechanical energy. However, they operate at significantly lower pressures compared to hydraulic systems.

As with any system that relies on air pressure to function, the choice of type and material of seals is crucial to ensure efficient operation and prevent leaks (in this case, air) and longevity of the cylinder itself.

Stock of Seals for Your Cylinders

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