Celebrating is better: 20 years together with seals

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Celebrating is better: 20 years together with seals

20 years of JIOrings!

It's hard to believe that two decades have already passed since JIOrings began its journey. What started as a personal venture by Jean-Albert Morlard, Iñigo Barrenetxea, and Óscar Zamorano (the famous JIO) has become a leading company in the sealing industry, with a team of 16 people passionate about their work.

Behind this success is a story full of effort, dedication, and above all, many, many seals. Being the fastest way to find a seal, betting on quality, efficiency, and exceptional customer service, is our leitmotif.

An unforgettable celebration

On June 8, we celebrated our 20th anniversary in style and with spectacular views. It was a party full of emotions, laughter, and unforgettable moments.

Surrounded by family and friends, we were able to relive the history of JIOrings through videos and photos that took us back to the company's beginnings. There was also time to enjoy a vibrant concert by The Pushermen with a special performance by the JIO in the choir; DJ @tednortondj made us dance to exhaustion, and above all, there was a great atmosphere that can only be found in family. Because that's what we are, a big family celebrating every achievement together.

A special thanks

If there's something we missed, it was verbalizing, in front of everyone and with a microphone in hand, the feeling shared by all the employees. So, here it goes in writing. We want to thank Jean, Iñigo, and Óscar for their vision and leadership in bringing us to where we are today, the opportunity to be part of this team, how well they take care of us, and every detail they have with us that makes Mondays less Monday-like and Fridays a time to gather and share a snack and coffee, and this Friday, the anecdotes of the party.

As Iñigo well said, no one came to the party out of obligation; on the contrary, we ran out of hours to enjoy!

Personally, I want to thank everyone for allowing me to carry out my work as Marketing Manager with such freedom and for always being willing to help and collaborate in all the actions, activities, and "crazy ideas" I carry out. It is a privilege to be part of this story and contribute to our growth with creativity and passion.

Thank you all for an unforgettable party and let's continue building this wonderful journey together. See you at the next celebration!

Only 5 years left.

And the Oscar goes to...

Paraphrasing actors when they receive their statuette, thank you to everyone who made the celebration possible:

  • Jean-Albert Morlard, Iñigo Barrenetxea, and Oscar Zamorano: Thank you for the invitation and organization of the event and for everything.
  • Family and friends: Thank you for coming, enjoying, and sharing your time with us, making the day truly special.
  • Fernando Sánchez, Maite Jiménez, Cesar Garretas, Juan Ramón Laderas, Laura Domínguez, Gonzalo Pardo, Silbia González, Iñaki Bilbao, Unai Pereda, Raquel Díaz, Saioa Martin, Eider Etxebarria, and Judith Nieves: Thank you for your willingness to keep adding moments, for your positive energy, and for being the heart of JIOrings.
  • Etxekobe: Thank you for providing us with such a special place and for the excellent service that made our party perfect.
  • The Pushermen @thepushermenofficial: Thank you for bringing rhythm to the night and making us enjoy every second with your music.
  • DJ @tednortondj: Thank you for cheering us up and keeping the dance floor full of energy and good vibes.
  • Photographer Iñigo Sierra (@iso100foto_) and cameraman Ander Salsamendi (@irudikate): Thank you for capturing the essence of the night, allowing us to relive those special moments over and over again.