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Metal Detectable O-Rings

Metal detectable O-rings

Mar 29, 2019 Category: O-Rings 0 comments

Did you know that O-rings exist that are capable of detecting metal? The use of O-rings in the food and pharmaceutical industries is very common. Most conventional metal detection equipment is capable of providing an immediate contamination alert. Unlike other industries where the material of the seal or its resistance to high temperatures may be the […]

Standard O-Ring Size

Does the size 4.47 × 1.78 mean anything to you?

Mar 26, 2019 Category: O-Rings 0 comments

You won’t find more materials available anywhere else! Whereas in the previous post we talked about the importance (or not) of size, this time we are going to talk about the relevance of a specific size. If you are asking yourself why, then just keep reading. The JIOrings warehouses hold a stock of more than […]