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JIOrings, a real asset

Oct 18, 2017 Category: Products 0 comments

The importance of approvals Day after day the O-rings have to meet more and more requirements in matters of environment and security. By the same token, public organizations impose more and more rigorous and restrictive requirements on materials or compounds that form the seals which are aimed to get in contact with water, gas, food […]

Back-Up Rings (BUR)

The back-up rings (BUR) and the O-Rings, the perfect tandem

Oct 02, 2017 Category: Products 0 comments

Back-up rings + O-Rings = 100% compatible Some time ago we spoke about the O-Rings and how good they were when a risk of extrusion from the housing could exist. The O-Rings create the seal effect pressing against the housing parts that hold it, but the capacity of the ensemble depends basically on these three […]