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Now more and better cord-ring

Dec 22, 2016 Category: Products 0 comments

Throughout the year, more and more customers have been requesting spools of silicone cord-ring and as at JIOrings we love to satisfy your desires, we have decided to take the plunge… and in a big way! Not only do we now have a large stock of spools manufactured in Xiametre® of the prestigious Dow Corning […]

Happy new year on behalf of everyone at JIOrings

Dec 21, 2016 Category: Branding 0 comments

Another year with a pleasant aftertaste We bid farewell to 2016 satisfied with the job we have done and with the rewards earned and (how could we not) thanking all of our clients and suppliers for continuing to rely on JIOrings. 2016 comes to an end and, once again, it is time to briefly summarise […]