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Encapsulated O-ring

Encapsulated O-rings, the solution for harsh environments

Aug 16, 2016 Category: Products 0 comments

The encapsulated O-rings, the seals with an encapsulation that sets it apart We have decided to give the encapsulated O-rings the importance they have always deserved, creating a specific area with its technical data sheet, 3D photos of the part both whole and in section, and a video of it in movement. The encapsulated O-ring […]

HP Rotary Shaft Seals

HP Rotary Shaft Seals, the all terrain seals

Aug 05, 2016 Category: Products 0 comments

HP Rotary Shaft Seals, the secret is in the housing We are continuing our “one month, one seal” initiative. In previous posts we talked about the universal nature of O-rings, cord-ring and its tailor-made cut, quad-rings and their four support points… However, there is still much to say in relation to seals, and this time […]

Product / Product / Produit

The power of images

Aug 03, 2016 Category: Products 0 comments

Because a (good) image is worth more than a thousand words The aim of all the activities we have been conducting in recent months is to enhance the image of JIOrings. We are conducting content generation activities to disclose the benefits of our seals, positioning initiatives to enable potential customers to find our seals and […]