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V-Rings, versatile seals for high sealing and steadiness

Jun 13, 2016 Category: Products 0 comments

V-Rings or V-Seals are one of our 5 stars products At JIOrings, we offer a wide range of seals as one of our competitive advantages: more than 20 million parts which are different one of the other because of their shape. their material, their colour or their hardness. And If the O-Ring is the most […]

Axial Seals, the perfect link between speed and simplicity

Jun 02, 2016 Category: Products 0 comments

RB Axial Seals, also known as Gamma Seals or Gamma Rings: use and advantages/benefits At JIOrings, we know a lot about seals, and little by little (post after post), we have been spelling out all the relevant information on the wide range of seals and sealing products we have in our stock. For certain specific […]