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Two compounds with our own official approval

Feb 29, 2016 Category: Products 0 comments

JIOrings sets out to ensure the ongoing improvements of its products, the basis of our business, as well as of its services and the way the client is treated. To meet the current requirements, we have to be capable of verifying the quality and reliability of our materials, from raw materials to the final product delivered […]

Hilo tórico - Cord ring

Metres and metres of cord ring in different thicknesses and tolerances

Feb 18, 2016 Category: Products 0 comments

At the JIOrings’ warehouses we have metres and metres of cord ring. When the universal joint by antonomasia (the O-ring) is not a feasible option, the cord ring may be our best alternative. In many cases in which there is a specific need for maintenance for which there is no standard O-ring, the famous “cut and […]