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The X-Ring or the clover seal

Nov 20, 2015 Category: Products 0 comments

The difference from the O-ring with its four lips or support points making its performance improve slightly. The queen of static seals is the O-ring, undoubtedly the most universal seal, used in virtually all industrial sectors and even in others as surprising as jewellery (here as an ornamental element). However, we are going to dedicate […]

JIOrings, Socios

This is how JIOrings, much more than an O-Ring Store, started

Nov 15, 2015 Category: Sin categoría 0 comments

Our company stems from the determination of three friends: Jean Albert, Iñigo and Oscar, to give free rein to their ideas and to things their own way. We’re the quickest way to find a seal: That is, an O-Ring, a Quad-Ring, Cord-Ring, V-Rings, U-Ring… This is because of our stock is one of the largest […]